Smooth Bunker Delivery


Bunker delivery is potentially hazardous and time consuming. However careful preparation and a good procedure (that is MARPOL compliant and within MCA guidelines) can help ensure a bunker delivery operation runs smoothly!

A correct order confirmation ahead of time, specifying all the relevant details, will prevent problems before they arise. All parties should be clear on the product specification, quantity and price, including additional charges or taxes that may be imposed. The order confirmation should also state the yacht’s location, accessibility and agent where applicable. The delivery date and method should be made clear, including compatible pumping rates. Documentation specifying all these points will iron out potential pitfalls before the tanker arrives in port.

When the bunkers arrive, checks should be carried out to ensure that the hose is adequate, warning signs are in place and emergency shutdown safety procedures are known. The tanks on board should be gauged so the delivered amounts can be verified.

A continuous drip sample must be taken, retained by both the vessel and the supplier and kept for one year. This forms part of the legal requirement for bunkers to comply with the IMO MARPOL Annex VI regulations now in force, to limit emissions from vessels. The BDR (Bunker Delivery Receipt), signed by both parties, is an important legal document that must be kept for three years. Any disputes should be raised at this point and if necessary a letter of protest raised.

Good communication and a good bunkering procedure will ensure product is taken on board without problems; Keeping accurate engine logs and lab testing (if your onsite testing facilities throw up any discrepancies) will also ensure trouble free fuel consumption.

Please also download our free Bunker Procedure Checklist and Fuel Measurement Conversion Chart, which can come in handy when checking your BDR.


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